The automobile is one of the most important inventions in the history of human existence. It has allowed us to travel and transport goods vast distances in only mere hours. And although they are important, they have come with their fair share of problems, namely their carbon dioxide emissions. Because of the major toll that cars have had on the ozone layer, humankind was forced to create an alternative to fossil fuel-based vehicles, and our top engineers have certainly risen to the occasion.


The electric car is the eco-friendly answer to the traditional automobile. While specifics vary from each individual electric car, the general gist remains: Electric vehicles (EVs) are powered through electricity and do not require gas in order to run, they do, however, require regular charges, as they run on rechargeable batteries. They do not emit any greenhouse gases, and are far better for the environment than traditional vehicles.


Believe it or not, but the very first electric vehicle was created sometime in the late 1800s, and, at first, they were very popular. In fact, they were more popular than their gas-powered counterparts. Unfortunately, however, the EVs of that time were more expensive, and the introduction of the Model T made gas-powered vehicles incredibly affordable and easy to produce. This was the ultimate doom of the EV. However, the recent societal concerns, atmosphere and technological advances of today have allowed for a renewed interest in the EV.


Almost every major automobile manufacturer has its own version of an EV in order to appease the growing demand. Chevrolet has the Volt, Nissan offers the Leaf and Volkswagen offers its e-Golf; these are only a few of the major EVs offered by today’s most prolific and well-known car manufacturers. In fact, the EV has become so popular and in-demand that entire companies have been founded solely on the idea. The most popular company that comes to mind is Tesla. Founded in 2003 as Tesla Motors, the car manufacturer has managed to advance the technology of EVs to the point where they are not only incredibly functional machines, but they are also very stylish. Tesla vehicles, such as the Model S, are also crammed with the latest in technology, such as self-driving software and all-touch controls. Tesla’s consistent pushing of the envelope has forced other manufacturers to compete and offer similar design and technology improvements, which has truly pushed the entire EV industry forward.


If you’re an environmentally-conscious person, then you are probably well aware of the electric car and how it is rising in prominence. Industry analysts believe that, by 2040, EVs will comprise 30% of all new car sales. The electric vehicle is the wave of the future that humankind desperately needs.