Climate change is real and there is overwhelming evidence to support this claim. We must do our part to improve the state of our planet. While things are looking less than stellar now, there are millions of people across the global trying to create change. Governments, citizens and businesses are all trying to do their part to pick the world back up. There are several technological innovations being implemented into our daily lives that is pushing forward the environmentally-friendly way of thinking; most notably, the electric car is making a bit of a mainstream push.

You’ve heard of electric cars before. They cleaner and safer for the environment, but traditionally, they’ve been ugly and low on performance, which has not allowed them to break away in the mainstream commercial market. If not for these small flaws, they’d be the perfect solution to a large chunk of our CO2 emissions problems, right? Maybe not. Even now, as electric cars take on sleek designs and outperform diesel-powered cars, there is a question as to whether or not these electric cars are truly the Godsend that our environment needs.

Pollution Is Still Prevalent

While electric vehicles do not emit any CO2 emissions, that does not mean that they do not pollute. Technically speaking, electric cars still pollute the planet; electric vehicles give off certain particles from tires and breaks that hurt the environment. It may not be as bad as a traditional vehicle, but electric vehicles aren’t squeaky clean either.

It’s Electric

Electric vehicles are powered solely by their batteries, which need to be recharged. Unfortunately, most of the charging stations for electric cars don’t offer environmentally-friendly electricity; in fact, only 10% of electricity available in the US came from green sources. You must ensure that your electric car is recharged using renewable energy; if it isn’t, then you aren’t helping the environment as much as you think you are.

The Battery Problem

Finding out how to cleanly charge your vehicle isn’t the only issue posed by your electric car’s battery; human beings still don’t know how to safely recycle lithium-ion batteries in a way that won’t harm the environment. The batteries that power electric cars can truly harm the environment. If we can’t store the batteries properly, then these “environmentally-friendly” vehicles are just as bad as traditional vehicles.