Sustainability is a crucial part of our society. We need to find better ways to live in order to alleviate the burden we’ve put on the planet with our fossil fuels. Our planet is a beautiful marvel to behold, and we need to treat it as such. Human beings have had a history for being wasteful and inconsiderate, and in order for us, and our future generations, to prosper, we must change our ways.


Obviously, we would love for all major corporations to begin incorporating sustainable solutions and practices into their day-to-day operations, but there is also nothing wrong with small wins, or baby steps. Why not work on your own personal sustainability first? Here are a few ways that you can begin a mission of personal sustainability.


Light the Way

One of the simplest ways to start your sustainable mission is by simply choosing a better light bulb. More than likely, you are using an incandescent light bulb to illuminate your house. When those bulbs die out, you should heavily consider opting for a compact fluorescent light bulb. Compact fluorescents last far longer than incandescents, and they use far less energy. But the true beauty of fluorescent is that they shine brighter than an incandescent, so you get far more bang for your buck.


Be Wary of Water

It’s a fact that, as human beings, we all need water in order to live. But, it doesn’t hurt to cut down on the amount of water that we use. When you wake up in the morning or before you go to bed, take shorter showers, or maybe you can purchase a low-flow shower head. It will save the planet and your wallet. Also, cut down on your bottled water usage. Use your tap water, and if you aren’t terribly confident in your area’s tap water, then purchase a water purifier. Simple and safe.


Purchase an Electric Car

This one may not be applicable to everybody, but one of the best ways to really make a positive mark on the world is by purchasing an electric car. Almost every major manufacturer has an electric model, from BMW to Chevrolet to Tesla. It can help cut your cost of gas and save on carbon dioxide emissions. Admittedly, it may not be the most affordable option, but many of these electric vehicles are becoming cheaper to make, and therefore cheaper to purchase.