Jonathon Vento, a real estate developer based in Phoenix, is the Managing Director of Blue Energy Partners. Blue Energy Partners is a company that looks for opportunities to advance energy markets, technologies and accessibility around the globe.

“I have a big heart for sustainability,  we have one world and we better take care of it.”

Jonathon Vento has always been most passionate about sustainable initiatives. Having lived in Japan for 4 years, he had the opportunity to live amongst a very socially responsible population. That experience changed him. For Jonathon, sustainable initiatives aren’t simply about passing off notions, he truly believes and feels an undeniable responsibility to make a difference in any capacity.

As Managing Director at Blue Energy Partners, Jonathon believes that access to reliable, affordable energy is one of the keys to global economic and social development. Together, Jonathon and the Blue Energy Partners team have worked in energy exploration, development and distribution around the world. In order to meet the growing demand for energy, Jonathon Vento and Blue Energy Partners believe that we must develop all forms of energy fuel sources in an effective and responsible manner. They are committed to developing energy technologies throughout emerging and frontier markets.

Jonathon Vento attended the University of Michigan in the early 1980s. He graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a business and finance degree and has since has seen great success in his near 35 year career. Jonathon Vento have over 25 years of experience in private equity, development and project finance. He has more than 100 projects and operating companies throughout North America, Europe and Asia, including energy, real estate, technology and manufacturing, totaling in excess of US $5 billion. Jonathon is a member of the Finance and Investments group of the United Nations Sustainable Energy for All Initiative, and a board member of Capax World, which serves the poor of the world.

Today, Jonathon Vento continues to explore new opportunities to advance energy markets. He believes in investing in sustainable energy projects and provides strategic direction and project finance services to developers.  With those initiatives, Jonathan hopes to eliminate energy poverty around the world and support the development of global sustainable energy solutions.

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